The name of our cottages "Na Biru" is an old farm name for the land, where we found a perfect place to offer you self-catering holiday homes. Mariša’s grandfather Andrej bought one hectare from his uncle Franc. When Branko inherited the land he decided to build the first cottage with his wife Karmen in 1988 and we finished the new one in 2015. Mariša and Blaž, we both love cycling and hiking, basically any sport you can do in our beautiful valley. And we love cooking! We both work as journalists but Blaž’s second love is flyfishing. He's a licensed guide and a great company. Karmen loves gardening and Branko makes the best home-made (or at least the strongest) schnapps, which makes us a perfect combination. Mariša & Blaž Karmen & Branko

Karmen & Branko

Pensioners with not a lot of spare time. Without them there would be no cottages at Na Biru, no vegetable garden and nice surroundings. Their good will is free.


Radio journalist at RTV Slovenija, nature & sport lover. There's always time for good food and wine!


Newspaper journalist at Delo, fly fishing guide, a member of Loop team. And a Bhoy!