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If you are a true flyfisherman, search no more, because Soča valley is the place to be!

Fly fishing tourists were the firsts tourists to visit our valley regulary. For a reason. Ever elusive marble trout, the biggest European trout and a fish saved from the brink of extinction by the Tolmin Angling Club in 90’s, is the main attraction and always on a fishermen’s wishlist no matter the size. Every corner of the valley has a hidden gem with secret little pools. I can take you there to explore these unbeliveable beauties of water-shaped land.

There is plenty to see and no matter how many visits you do there is always something more to see. Hire a local guide – you certainly won’t regret it.

Now you know where to find me.


"A day with Blaž is like being out with your best fishing buddy and a knowledgeable, vastly experienced professional guide rolled into one. First class service."
Craig Brown, G.A.I.A, Scotland
"A great day with excellent guiding and very nice finish of the day with good food and drink."
Robin Andersson, Sweden
Blaž knows everything you need to know about flyfishing in Slovenia. He will teach you, challenge you and make the most out of your flyfishing day."
Erik Ruen, Norway


-10% for our guests


- 1 angler: 180 €
- 2–3 anglers: 270 €
- 4 anglers: 350 €
-10% for our guests


- 1 angler: 100 €
- 2–3 anglers: 170 €
- 4 anglers: 250 €